1. Homepage Settings of Conceptly Pro ?

2. Why install StartKit theme?

3. Announcement for StartKit, StartBiz, Arowana & Envira - Version 2.0

1. Homepage Settings of Conceptly Pro ?

Please follow the following link to manage Homepage

2. Why install StartKit theme?

The StartKit theme is recently launch on This theme is very useful for all types of category, business, agency, corporate any type of similar businesses. StartKit is a highly customizable theme created for all kind of business, info, and service websites. Install, customize, create easily with the included powerfull tools without touching a code. We have analyzed hundreds of business, consulting, finance, services and similar type of websites.

Why install it?

There are many reasons to install it. I am explaining to you, some features about StartKit theme. 

1. Prepacked Images & Content with plugin.

2. Step bye step user documentation.

3. Awesome support with the theme.

4. SEO Friendly.

StartKit Free Features

3. Announcement for StartKit, StartBiz, Arowana & Envira - Version 2.0

Hello Guys,

Its good news here for StartKit, StartBiz, Arowana & Envira users & customers, Upcoming version with come awesome features. You will love it. 

After 2 month hard work, we improved our theme and decided to launch 31-May-2021. In this update, you will get attractive look to your website.

Current users be carefully update with latest version 2.0. Make sure take a backup copy of your website.  Here are theme updates changes. Now, I'm explaining to you in this article.

Sections Improvements =>

* Top Bar Style Improvement

* Header Style Improvement

* Sidebar Docker - Added

* Sider Style Improvement

* Info Style Improvement

* Service Style Improvement

* Portfolio Style Improvement

* Feature Style Improvement

* Pricing Style Improvement

* CTA Style Improvement

* Funfact Style Improvement

* Team Style Improvement

* Testimonial Style Improvement

* Newsletter Style Improvement

* Product Style Improvement

* Blog Style Improvement

* Footer Style Improvement

* About Style Improvement

* Timeline - Added

* Skill - Added

* Client/Sponsor - Style Improvement

* Work Process - Added

* Contact Style Improvement

New Page Templates =>

* Career Page

* FAQ Page

* Blog Filter Page

* Product Filter

* Product Category

Above you can see all major changes in this version. Hopefully, you will love and try to install our free version.

StartKit -

StartBiz -

Arowana -

To Your Success,

Nayra Themes