Announcement for StartKit, StartBiz, Arowana & Envira - Version 2.0

Hello Guys,

Its good news here for StartKit, StartBiz, Arowana & Envira users & customers, Upcoming version with come awesome features. You will love it. 

After 2 month hard work, we improved our theme and decided to launch 31-May-2021. In this update, you will get attractive look to your website.

Current users be carefully update with latest version 2.0. Make sure take a backup copy of your website.  Here are theme updates changes. Now, I'm explaining to you in this article.

Sections Improvements =>

* Top Bar Style Improvement

* Header Style Improvement

* Sidebar Docker - Added

* Sider Style Improvement

* Info Style Improvement

* Service Style Improvement

* Portfolio Style Improvement

* Feature Style Improvement

* Pricing Style Improvement

* CTA Style Improvement

* Funfact Style Improvement

* Team Style Improvement

* Testimonial Style Improvement

* Newsletter Style Improvement

* Product Style Improvement

* Blog Style Improvement

* Footer Style Improvement

* About Style Improvement

* Timeline - Added

* Skill - Added

* Client/Sponsor - Style Improvement

* Work Process - Added

* Contact Style Improvement

New Page Templates =>

* Career Page

* FAQ Page

* Blog Filter Page

* Product Filter

* Product Category

Above you can see all major changes in this version. Hopefully, you will love and try to install our free version.

StartKit - https://wordpress.org/themes/startkit/

StartBiz - https://wordpress.org/themes/startbiz/

Arowana - https://wordpress.org/themes/arowana/

To Your Success,

Nayra Themes