Dear Clients,

First of all I would like to thank you for choosing Nayra Themes! Please note that the idea board is always open! Please send me your great improvement ideas and I'll do my best to include your idea in next updates.


A quick note about response time:

We try to answer your tickets in less than 24 hours. But please note that it's possible that we ( you and us ) live in different countries. So sometimes delays are unavoidable.

Please consider the following to let us resolve your issues faster and better:

Please open different tickets for different issues. If you include all of your issues in one ticket, we'll work on them and once all of them are done, we'll reply. The thing is that some tickets need more time and work so if you send issues in different tickets we'll be able to fix the simpler issues faster for you.

Please provide your site URL and WordPress admin account information in a private ticket. We need this on almost 70% of all tickets. So if you send them at the beginning, your ticket will be resolved faster as we don't need to reply to ask for these information. (If you give us FTP permission - it could even help more)

If you have some special coding or special situation on your site, (For example, some options should not change even for the test or something similar) please note it clearly in the ticket to avoid any unwanted problems while we are checking your site to help you :)

Note: If not working Nayra Themes Support forum, You can ask query on email at

[email protected]

Thank you again!